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4 quick, body-weight movements you can do anywhere

Begin in a high plank, with your feet extended out behind you, shoulder-width apart, balancing on your toes and your hands. Your hands should be directly below your shoulders, your core tight and your back flat. Lower down to your elbows, one at a time. Then, one at a time, raise back up into the high plank with your hands directly below your shoulders. Do ten of these, beginning the drop from extended arm to elbow on the right side before alternating for ten that begin on the left side.

Begin in the high plank position. Keep your core tight as you shift your balance to the left arm – be sure your body does not rotate by engaging your core throughout the entire movement. Then, extend your right arm all the way out so that it is level with your body and pause there before reaching it (slowly) down under your body and through to the other elbow or wrist. Do this movement ten times before switching balance and swinging arms.

This movement is easiest if you have sliders you can rest your feet on, but if you don’t – you can always use something like a magazine or newspaper or even a paper plate. Begin in the low plank position, with your elbows just below your shoulders. Getting your power from your core, slide your body back as far as you can go. Then, engage your core as you pull your body back forward until your shoulders are just in front of your elbows. Repeat this movement fifteen times per set.

For your final movement, begin in the high plank position. Engaging your core to prevent rotation, reach one arm at a time out in front of your body so that it is parallel with your back. The important part here is to keep your core tight so that when you move through the reaches, your body stays parallel with the ground instead of rotating to one side or the other. Repeat this movements ten times per side.

Repeat three to four times.

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