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5 Reasons You Should Meditate

Meditating has become one of the most important parts of my daily routine. Whenever I am stressed out or unsure of what the next step I need to take in figuring out a problem, I turn to meditation. Here are a few reasons why meditation helps me, and maybe can help you, to live the best life possible:

I did a little research (I promise!) and I found out that meditation helps cut out your anxiety – by 40% (Source). Dedicating 25 minutes of your day, three days a week can make a massive difference in your stress levels. This is also the #1 reason that I turn to meditation. No matter where you are in life, no matter how stressed out you get… there’s always a little bit of stress that can be taken off of the top of your day to help out, right? Meditation is the answer for me.

So a little bit more research taught me that people who meditate are able to better process their thoughts and triggers (Source). When you have more inner awareness, you’re able to better control your triggers and your thoughts – which also leads to you gaining the ability to better process your thoughts and actions and therefore, leading you to be able to make decisions that will increase your level of happiness. Pretty nifty, right?

Meditation is all about clearing your mind. Learning to focus your mind helps to cut back on distracting thoughts both inside of the meditation room (which is, for me at least, my apartment) and outside of the meditation room (maybe in the gym). Bettering your ability to focus is helpful in reaching any goal. On top of that, meditation has been able to help boost my own creativity because it shows me what I am thinking when I am trying to clear my mind. It helps me let go of thoughts and hone creativity, as well as focus, as I clear my mind – which has helped me immensely in reaching my goals.

Another dip into research helped me confirm that meditation is one of the best ways to help fight back against eating problems – whether that is overeating, under-eating or simply not being able to build a healthy relationship between yourself and food (Source). Boosting your overall wellness is something that involves your mind and your body – no matter what you are focusing on. Therefore, it is also logical that meditating can help you to fight eating problems as it helps to focus your mind and energy towards positivity.

Finally, and this is incredibly important although it is last, meditation helps you sleep better. Quieting your mind is one thing that I know I struggled much more with before I started meditating than I struggle with now. I’m sure we’re all familiar with the scenario: you lay down to sleep and just before you drift off, you’re suddenly reliving every regret and bad thought you’ve had over the last day… or even year. Meditation, by nature, helps to teach you how to clear your mind and focus yourself on thinking about nothing. Therefore, it is one of the best ways to clear your mind at night. Plus, the focus it allows for you to gain throughout the day will help you (hopefully) have less regrets… see what I did there? It’s preventative and can act as a solution to not being able to sleep. Ha. My point is that meditation is always a win-win.

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