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7 Ways to Maintain Your Movement

You really can maintain movement even when you’re on a busy schedule. Here are just a few tips to help you out:

Packing your bag with the things you’ll need on-the-go is essential to getting your workouts in. Some things I suggest are a change of clothes, an energy bar, headphones, any essential oils and anything else that you can use to sweat when you’re in a rush or recover when you need to recover with healthy treats. Just be sure not to overstuff your bag and allow it to become a traveling cupboard full of snacks

This note is especially for my mothers out there – commit to yourself and your own plans just like you would commit to taking your kids to soccer practice or to a dentist appointment. You are just as important as anybody else. In fact, you should be the most important person in your own life… so be sure that you treat yourself that way and commit to doing the things that make you happy. Commit to your gym dates, commit to your morning routines and commit to your own wellness being a priority in your life. Once you make the commitment, following it is much easier because the decision is made.

While this isn’t always an option, the best way to maintain your movement (even when you’re busy) is to constantly walk around. Take your lunch break. Go across the street to grab your coffee. Walk around when you’re on the phone. Do whatever you can to take advantage of the moments when you don’t have to be tied to your desk and you may surprise yourself with how much movement you can add to your daily routine – even when you’re busy.

Finding a workout that you enjoy – whether it is a trainer you love, training buddies you love to sweat with or even just a method you’re in love with – is vital to the long-term success of your movement, and vital to the maintenance of your movement when you are busy. When you find something fun, you’re much more likely to look forward to squeezing in those extra few hours a week than you are to try to chip away at your schedule to slot in a run that you are dreading.

Setting your gym dates ahead of time – planning them with friends or a trainer to hold you accountable – is one of the absolute best ways to ensure you maintain your movement when you’re at your busiest. You don’t want to get charged a late fee and you have people who will hold you accountable so that your wellness remains a priority in your life.

Before you do anything else, run through your morning flow. This way, you get the blood moving before you do anything in the morning and you can start your day with movement – regardless of what happens the rest of the day. When you make movement a priority this early, you will guarantee yourself movement no matter what else happens. See how easy that was?

Finally, just breathe. Meditate, breathe, relax. Live your life and remember to enjoy it – no matter how stressful it may get at times. This is your life… are you making the decisions that are making you happy? If not, change them. It’s really that simple. I promise.

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