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Equipment Free Upper Body Movements

Begin in the bear crawl position, with your hands just below your shoulders. Reach forward with both of your hands at the same time, and as you do, jump forward – kicking your heels up into the air before landing. Then, immediately, reach forward again and kick your feet back up into the air before landing. Move forward across the length of the room you are in.

Reverse what you did in the above movement to make sure you get the full benefits of bear jumps, kicking your heels up as you jump backwards and then sliding your hands back to meet your body again. Repeat this movement forward and backwards across the space of the room you are in and adjust it so that you can get at least ten forward jumps and ten backwards jumps in per set.

Begin in the upright position. Bend down so that your fingertips touch your toes. Then, slide your hands forward – keeping your core tight and engaged so that your back doesn’t give out – until you are in the push up position. Do three push ups before walking back up into the upright position. Walk back out into the push up position, complete three more pushups and walk your hands back to your toes. Repeat this so that you do a total of nine push ups.

To move into the handstand on the wall, brace your heels against the wall as you lean forward with your hands below your shoulders for balance. As you walk your feet up the wall, walk your hands back towards the wall with your head hanging down. If you are new at these, ask a friend to spot you. When you come out of this position, use the same movements (don’t flip over backwards).

When you hold a handstand, your weight will be in your hands and wrists. Keep your core engaged and hold your toes against the wall for balance. Keep your shoulders extended away from your head so there is space between your head and your shoulders, with your head hanging down so that your nose is facing the wall and your neck is fully extended. Hold for as long as you can!

Be sure you stretch out your wrists following your handstand. Stay on your knees and lean forward, gently putting weight into your hands and keeping your wrists directly under your shoulders as you press weight into your wrists. Do this movement with your hands flat, fingers pointing forward, with the back of your hands flat and your fingers pointing backwards – and with the back and front of your hands pressing down with your fingers pointed to the sides. Overall, you’ll do four different positions.

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