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Get the Most Out of your Workout

Proper warm-ups are essential to the success of anything you do in the gym. When you take the time to properly loosen your muscles and stretch them out, you push your risk of injury down significantly. Most people need from 5 to 20 minutes of warming up. Knowing your body and knowing what it feels like to be ready and warmed-up is something that comes with time, but is something that is essential to figuring out so that you can ensure long-term success with your body, keep your movements smooth and mobility high – all while remaining low-risk for injury.

Watching your nutrition is vital to lifting heavy in the gym and lifting well in the gym because your body is going to run on the fuel that you put into it – make sure you’re feeding it the right stuff to keep your body moving. The best way to do this is by prioritizing meal prep. Watching your macros is something I stress a lot because it matters. Your body can’t function unless it has the right make-up to function well, and the biggest factor you can control at every step along your wellness path is what kind of nutrition you are putting into your body as fuel. Take advantage of that.

Focus on form first. Without the right form, your movements cannot improve. Most people want to jump into the gym and lift as much as they can right away. However, you raise your risk of injury through the roof if you don’t take the time to focus on form first. So, that being said, focus on form today so that tomorrow you can start adding the weight. When the form becomes second nature, your body will used to the correct neuromuscular pattern for each lift and that when increasing that weight can be your sole focus.

Improving basic strength is one of the most important aspects of increasing your overall ability to succeed in the weight room. Once you have form down, it’s important to allow yourself to push your body – especially with basic lifts. You can’t gain muscle, even lean muscle, without increasing your weight over time. So, once your form is a second-hand part of your workout, allow your trainer to push you to higher weights. That’s where the real difference begins to shine through and your body begins to truly transform.

Training consistently is how you complete your body transformation. You can’t bop into the gym whenever you feel like it an expect true change. In order to make your workouts as effective as possible, remain consistent with how often you lift. Consistency is the name of the game because in the long-run, it’s the cumulative time spent in the gym that matters – not the couple of times you popped into the weight room because you had the time. Making time for your workouts every week, planning ahead and ensuring that you will be able to stick to your workout plan is how you can ensure long-term success with your body because that is the only way to make real change.

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