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Goal Setting

One of the best ways to ensure you reach your wellness goals is to set them in the first place so that you have goals to reach! Check out some of my tips for helping you set your goals and then achieve your goals.

One of the most important aspects of goal-setting is to set goals that motivate you. Not goals you think you should set, but ones that mean something to you and where you want your life to go. Look at your life and where it is headed. Then look at what kind of milestones you could reach to get to where you want to go. Voila, you have some goals that are going to help you move towards your overall goals. The most important thing about this is to find goals that you want to achieve so that when the going gets tough – you can reach inside of yourself and find the strength necessary to pull out what you need to reach where you’re trying to go.

When you’re reaching for success with your goals, it’s important to always look at the bigger picture as you get stuck and need motivation. Remembering why you set goals, the circumstances that contribute to you succeeding – and even stumbling – will help you to re-set and move forward with every new twist or turn in your path. This is also true for your overall wellness struggles and speedbumps. Always remember where you are and where you want to go in order to refocus yourself. Taking a step back to look at the bigger picture is the best way to see a new path when the one you are on is proving to be headed in the wrong direction as well. Perspective, right?

If you don’t write your goals down, how will you remember them? Seriously. Get a journal, download the Wunderlist app on your phone or just put them into notes – whatever method works for you… just be sure you write your goals down so that you can keep focused on them and continue to chip away at them. Goals aren’t meant to be easy and they’re not meant to be attainable overnight, so it is important to outline them somewhere tangible so that as time goes on, you have something to fall back on when you check back in with your progress.

Celebrating achievements is the key to keeping joy in your life. Goals are meant to be difficult to achieve – so it is so, so important that you always celebrate the milestones as you hit them. Even the small ones. You are worth it, I promise.

Life is constantly changing. Therefore, your goals should be constantly changing. As you grow and change as a person, as your path starts to divert into a new direction – update your goals! Plus, it’s fun to look back on the ones you’ve set in the past and compare notes. For example, a few years ago I set some goals (becoming a trainer, not having to work a 9-5 desk job, etc) that I have now reached… and some that I’m not so close to reaching anymore because my life trajectory has changed. Life is all about finding your own method to surf the waves that come crashing in your direction – it’s okay to change the surfboard you use and it’s okay to change the way you approach the waves as well! That’s what keeps things exciting, right?

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