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Perfect your 3 basic movements

The most important part of the kettlebell swing is to make sure that the power comes from your hips and glutes, not your back or anything else. You start with your feet hip-width apart and your hands clasping the kettlebell. Keeping your back straight, lift up like you are rising from a squat and swing the kettlebell from behind your knees until it is just below eye level in front of you. When you swing the kettlebell out, push your hips forward and engage your glutes. Extend your arms all the way out. Your hips will act as your hinge as you go back and forth. Keep your core engaged and drive your movements through your heel.

Proper push-up form is essential for anybody so that you can protect your shoulders and back. Keep your hands just under your shoulders so that as you move up and down, your body will be correctly in balance. Your body should be in a line, with your feet balancing on your toes. Keep your glutes engaged and your core tight. As you move up and down, keep your elbows in tight. Your head should be looking a few inches in front of your hands. When you are at the top of the push up, your arms should be straight so they can support your weight. Don’t let your back cave in, be sure you keep your body straight.

The goblet squat is one of the best squats with weight for people to do, even if they struggle with form. Keep the weight up to your chest, with the kettlebell against your chest or just in front of it. Stand hip-width apart, with your toes pointing just to the outside. As you drop down, send your butt back and maintain a tight core and a flat back – aside from the natural curve. Drop down so that your butt is just below your thighs if possible – the longer you work on this movement, the better your squat and the deeper it will go. Keep your weight in your heels and drive through them as you stand back up, spreading the floor.

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