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Your 4-part, at-home core circuit

HOLLOW BODY: Lay back on a mat, extending your arms back and your legs forward. Rise up so that your arms and your feet are just off of the ground. Keep your back flat on the ground so that if somebody tried to push their hand between your back and the floor, they couldn’t do it. Tighten your core and keep your limbs up off of the ground as you hold the pose for thirty seconds.

HOLLOY BODY ROCKS: Enter the hollow body pose. Then, raise your legs higher off of the ground than you may typically hold in the pose, and tighten your core muscles to rock forward, lowering your legs back towards the ground. Then, roll backwards and lift your legs higher. Always keep your feet and shoulders off of the floor. Rock back and forth for thirty seconds, keeping your body and your core tight the entire time. Be sure to rock slowly as you go back and forth.

BICYCLE SIT UP: Lay back in hollow body, with your hands lightly placed to the side of your head behind your ears. Be careful not to use your arms to pull your neck and head up during this movement or you could injure yourself. Then, as you move through the sit ups, bring your left knee up and your right elbow to touch your knee before you lower down to repeat the movement with the opposite limbs. Do each side 15 times for a total of 30 movements per set.

HOLLOW BODY TUCK UPS: Enter the hollow body pose. Then, lift your knees up to your chest as you bring your elbows to meet your knees – moving them to just outside of your knees. Hold that pose for a moment before extending back out to a full hollow body. Keep your shoulders and your feet off of the ground as you move through this position a total of 15 times.

Repeat this workout three or four times to maximize the burn in your core and you will be ready to go!

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