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Your ultimate summer hydration guide

1) KEEP A WATER BOTTLE ON-HAND This may seem simple – and that is because it is. As temperatures heat up, be sure to invest in a water bottle that you can pack around with you so that you can consume as much water as possible. My favorite water bottle is the Hydro Flask (here) because it keeps your drinks cold (or hot) for the entire day.

2) DRINK A GLASS OF WATER EVERY MORNING One of the first things I do when I wake up is drink a full glass of water. It helps me start my day on the right foot – hydrated and refreshed. Plus, it sets the bar for me to continue drinking water throughout the day.

3) CHOOSE FRUITS OVER CHIPS OR CANDY Fruits have higher water contents than most, if not all, other snacks. Foods like protein bars and pretzels are great, but the salt in them only increases your dehydration. Choosing a fresh piece of fruit, especially fruits like watermelon, over nuts and other snacks will help to increase your hydration substantially the more you do so.

4) NOTICE THE SIGNS When you notice that your mouth is getting dry and that you’re feeling more fatigued than usual, remember that summertime is generally the time of year where people forget to hydrate as much as they need to. Recognize when your body needs more water and is feeling dehydrated and respect your body’s needs – don’t ignore them.

5) RECOGNIZE WHEN YOU NEED HELP Some hot summer days are just a little bit too much for water to handle on its own. There are plenty of electrolyte alternatives that you can add to your water bottles on days like this when you have workouts and need an extra boost of hydration. My go-to electrolytes are Nuun tablets. You just need to pop one into a big glass of water, allow it to dissolve and drink up!

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