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3 Mistakes to Avoid at the Gym

Going to the gym can be daunting at times – especially if you are a newcomer – but with a little bit of help and the right trainer, you can become incredibly comfortable working out in the gym in no time at all. To help you get started, or to help you feel more comfortable in the gym, here are just a few mistakes that you can avoid to help your body be more prepared for a workout and to help you feel more comfortable in the gym, knowing you’re on the right path to success.

1) Not properly warming up

Have you ever been standing in the snow and felt like your body was rigid because it was so cold? That’s because without properly warming you body up, your muscles are tight and less flexible – and more prone to injury. The first mistake that many people make in a gym is hopping straight into their high-intensity workout, or straight into lifting the heaviest weights they can find. Stop! This is a direct path to disaster. When you make time for a workout, you should always also make time to warm your body up. This helps to increase your heart rate and blood flow. When you warm up properly, the increased blood flow from the increased heart rate helps loosen your muscles and stretch them so that when you do reach for your heaviest weight-load, end even a light weight-load, you will avoid injury by straining your cold muscles.

2) Being afraid to lift heavy

Don’t make the mistake of burning your muscles out with light weights and never switching up to heavier loads. Lifting heavy weights helps to increase your lean body mass, helps to raise your resting metabolic rate (RMR) and those help to burn fat and calories throughout the day – even after you put your last weight back onto the rack. The more weight you are able to, safely, lift – the more your RMR will increase, meaning the more muscle you will build and fat you will lose throughout the day following your workout. You’ve got to break muscles down to build them up and that starts with pushing aside any fears of lifting heavy – just be sure that you aren’t overdoing it and lifting something your body can’t handle until you are strong enough to do so. Always check with your trainer before going up in weight, but don’t push back too hard when they recommend an increase in weight – it’ll help!

3) Not taking enough rest time

Striking a balance between resting too much and resting not enough is key in any workout. 60-90 seconds between sets is a great place to hit the balance if you are doing regular strength training.

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