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Battle Ropes

Many of you question why I love using the battle ropes for finishers and as a staple of some workouts, and I want to take a moment to answer that question. Battle ropes can be some of the most efficient tools in the gym if they are used correctly – and they can also be fun!

Working on your core? Battle ropes are perfect. Any time you have to hold your body still while your limbs are moving with weights, you’re going to need to engage your core. The great part about battle ropes is that when you use them, you have to engage your core to hold still. What this means is that you’re also working multiple body parts when you use battle ropes: your upper body, your core and your legs. It’s a total-body movement and you can do them any time that you can find ropes – meaning you can even do them on vacation sometimes. (Or if you ever find yourself out at sea.)

Battle ropes do the job quickly. As a staple in many high-intensity training regimes, battle ropes can build up a sweat and get you to burn in no time at all. Studies show that a thirty minute session of intense battle rope work can burn up to 300 calories a session*. Crazy, right?

Efficiency is key for most peoples’ workouts, which is why the cardiovascular and strength training benefits are so great. You’re building muscles throughout your body while burning fat during every battle rope session. Once you get your heart rate up, your workout can be incredibly efficient without needing any other piece of equipment.

Battle ropes are challenging – and can be even more challenging as you increase intensity – but they provide a low-impact workout, meaning you can maximize your oxygen deficit and increase your heart rate without putting extra stress on your joints. You’re less likely to injure yourself with battle ropes than you would if you’re out running miles and miles on the pavement every day (shin splints, anyone?) Meaning battle ropes can be great cross-training for athletes who want to keep their body safe but want both strength and cardio benefits.

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