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Every morning, I roll out of bed and crawl into my living room. There, under Luc’s watchful eye, I ask Alexa to set a five minute alarm and start my flow. (About 80% of the time, Alexa does something else – but that is a first world problem, and therefore for another time).

When I start my flow, I move my body in whatever direction I am feeling. I circle my joints, I go through a yoga flow, and I move my body, joint-by-joint, from my head to my toes. Before I even have to wonder when the timer is going to go off, I have loosened all of my muscles and head to the sink to drink a full glass of water. Then, BOOM: my body is thanking me for the love.

I think one of the most underrated ways that people can start to find change in their body is to simply start their day looking for change. Rather than starting your morning scrolling through Facebook or checking your email – try taking some time for yourself and starting your morning with a five-minute flow and a huge glass of water. By starting the day with a strong intention to prioritize yourself and your own wellness, you’re starting your day off on the right foot.

The challenge with the five-minute flow is to continue to push your flexibility every morning. Remember, this isn’t a workout, but it is a way for you to start to get a better feel for your body and a way to connect with your own mind and body wellness before the rest of the world starts to get into the way. The second part of this challenge is committing to a five-minute flow every morning for at least a month.

When you start to look for changes in your body, remembering that they can start small – remembering that change always has a starting point somewhere – is key to actually committing to changing your body and lifestyle. Start doing this one thing for yourself every morning to loosen your joints and get your body moving and see where it takes you. You never know – maybe you’ll be doing headstands a year from now… or maybe you’ll just improve your downward-facing dog into something that is recognizable for your next yoga class. It’s worth a shot, right? (Trick question: changing your body for the better is always worth taking the shot.)

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