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Set and achieve goals

Have Fun The most important part of achieving your goals is to actually have fun doing it. Don’t set goals that are going to drive you crazy because they are so out of reach. Life is something we take one step at a time and although it is great to set high goals – make sure you know what that first step is going to be so that you’re not so busy stressing out about getting to the top that you forget to laugh and have a bit of fun along the way. Signing up for a group fitness session, like a semi-private training session or a bootcamp, can help you to make friends who have similar goals so that you can have fun while reaching for what you want.

Track Progress You don’t have to count every calorie or pound as you consume food and as your body changes, but it is important to track your progress so that you can see when your body starts to change. Even if it is just the feeling at first – more energy and more pop in your step – it is important to recognize these as mile markers so that you can look back and see how far you’ve come when you need a little bit of motivation to look forward and keep pushing.

Be Proud of Yourself Don’t be one of those people who doesn’t know how to take a compliment. When someone tells you that they’re proud of the work you’ve done, thank them. You’ve worked your ass off! Be proud of the progress you’ve made because that is the whole reason you started setting goals in the first place, right? To make progress? It’s awesome and validating when somebody recognizes that for you: so let them. Also, be proud of yourself. It’s okay to be the person who has to go home early or stops at one drink because you don’t want to mess up the work you’ve done at the gym. When you feel peer pressured to stray off of your track – remember how proud you are of the choices you are making and stick with that feeling rather than giving in to the pressure. I promise your friends will understand.

Be Happy With Where You Are The biggest difference between sticking with your plan and not is allowing yourself to appreciate where you are on your journey. You may not be where you want to be, but you’re exactly where you need to be – and no matter where that is on your journey, find ways to be happy with that. You have a lot to be grateful for – people, friends, hobbies and even the ability to sweat it out when you want to. So don’t be upset you don’t have someone else’s body – be happy with where you are and the progress you know you will make will come.

Finally, the best way to achieve your goals? Learn to love the process. Why? Because loving the choices you intentionally make day-in and day-out to maintain your wellness is what transforms a fad into a lifestyle. By laughing and having fun with your workouts, by tracking progress and being proud of the strength you’ve gained – you can love the experience and live in the moment. There is no finish line with wellness – it is a way of life… but it can be a fun, exciting way of life if you let it become one.

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