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Training Brains and Brawn

When you hit the gym with me in the mornings or afternoons, you’re doing yourself a favor. No, I’m not just talking about toning your body or increasing your endurance and energy levels. You’re increasing your brainpower. Studies have shown pumping iron can ward off dementia.

Researchers at the University of Sydney have concluded strength training now is helping ward off the onset of dementia by stimulating hormones that help muscles in your brain, not just your arms and legs, grow.

Weight training also helps prevent Alzheimer’s disease by helping to strengthen your associative memory, according to research done at the University of British Columbia (UBC). Your associative memory is what you employ when you recall that you were standing against a wall when I told you to tighten your core to push your lower back flush with the cement. It’s also your ability to recall where you were standing when we first met in the gym (which I am sure was one of the best days for you). In short, it’s your ability to recall things in context.

Studies by UBC also showed that weight training helps to develop higher levels of a protein that contributes to cell division and growth, “likely help(ing) fragile newborn neurons to survive.” Resistance training is strengthening your brain power.

Finally, pumping iron is going to help you remember where you left your keys. UBC conducted studies that concluded weight training improves your spatial memory – so you don’t have to be constantly wondering, “Dude, where’s my car?”

See what I did here? Resistance training is helping you increase your brainpower. (So, feel free to use that as an excuse next time you need to leave the office for a session).

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