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Transform your day

1) Tune yourself in before you tune the world in: Before you even think about reaching for your phone to check your email or see what is happening on Facebook, take a few moments in the morning to check in with your own well-being. Check in with how you are feeling, yes – your muscles and your joints, but also your mind and your overall wellbeing. If it’s been a long week, take this moment to clear your mind so that you can start the day with a clean slate. Meditate, practice stillness or simply take a long shower to mull your thoughts over. Tuning in with your own body before you tune in with the rest of the world is vital to setting yourself up to achieve the goals you want to set for the day.

2) Move your body: Last week, I talked about how important a 5 minute flow is to my morning routine. Check that article out by clicking here or on the photo below to find more out about how I start my day with a flow. Don’t be intimidated – it’s not perfect yoga or running a mile. It’s simply waking your body up so that you can assess how your body feels now that you’ve assessed how your mind feels.

3) Eat your breakfast, drink your coffee: Whatever it is that helps you wake up and get started in the mornings – whether it’s eggs on toast or coffee while you read the newspaper, do that! It’s important to make time for the morning rituals that make you feel good. I make a shot of espresso for myself every morning and it’s soothing to smell the coffee’s aroma as I get ready for the day and helps me to keep myself center so that I can start the day balanced and in some sort of routine before the craziness of life takes over.

4) Set your goals: Your mind is always the clearest in the morning. When you start to run down your to-do list for the day, begin to set your goals so that you know where your day should be headed and you can start to make some sort of game plan to move your day forward in a direction you want rather than letting time (and distractions) pull you away from your goals.

5) Visualize your day: Finally, once you’ve had your coffee and your mind is clear and focused, your body awake and you feel awake – visualize your day. Allow yourself to see what you want to get out of the day and visualize yourself reaching forward for exactly that. You’ve got to see it before you can reach it, right? Start seeing what you want in the morning so that you can spend the day reaching forward for it.

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