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Reflections and Self-Love

Demco Team

Looking back at the past year can be a harrowing experience for anybody, especially if it involves honest and serious self-analysis. Most people when doing this tend to focus on the negatives. With the “New Year, new me” mentality comes a kind of odd negative reflection of the year just past. We can sometimes set new goals based off of failings from the year before (well I used to anyway).

When asked to write this post I wanted to write something profound about fitness and all that it does for you. Maybe touching on nutrition and wellness and blah blah blah…this seems all very overdone. With the internet age you can find this stuff anywhere. Definitely take advice and learn as much as you can, but focus on you and your goals, with self-perspective. Not on some fitness model coming to you from, you guessed it...Bali. Why are they all in Bali?!

So, that being said, I want to write about something a little different – Reflection. I noticed I tend to gravitate towards the negatives, like – I wish I drank less, or I want my diet to be better etc. With each point I would say to myself “this year I’ll do it.” I would tell myself that the New Year is a fresh start for these things. By doing this we sometimes fail to acknowledge the accomplishments of the year, and with that, the positive things that happened throughout the year. We need to snap out of this sort of self-reflection. Yes, look at weaknesses and work on them. But also build on your strengths and look at the positives from the year.

So when looking at the year gone by, analyze it seriously and honestly as stated above. Yes, you seriously squatted the most weight you’ve ever squatted AND honestly, you did go to the gym 3/4 times a week. More than you ever have! Build on these accomplishments. This year squat even more than last year! Go to the gym that extra day! Maybe in addition to your gym, try that yoga class you’ve always wanted to try. Now I’m not saying it’s over and not to set new goals or not to work on weaknesses. You’re never done. Please still set goals! But take some time to pat yourself on the back, congratulate yourself for your accomplishments in fitness this year.

Demco Fitness is a Seattle gym that offers personal training in Seattle, semi-private sessions and fitness classes. Demco is located in the heart of Belltown and features several passionate and experienced trainers to meet your demands. Call or stop in today and ask how you can try us out for free or get your first month for only $200.

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