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Staying Healthy During Cold Season

2020 has been one crazy year, and all of a sudden, we’re in the middle of Fall and it’s starting to get cold outside. Some might be welcoming the end of the summer heat and looking forward to a bit of cooler weather, not to mention Halloween! But Fall also brings with it the season of coughs and colds, which, amidst a pandemic, is something I’m sure everyone wants to avoid.

Although colds can be unpleasant and annoying, there are (fortunately) plenty of ways to fight them off. Keeping yourself generally healthy, hydrated, and well-rested will help your body combat illness during the chillier months. If you don’t fancy adding an irritating illness to your list of things to worry about this year, here are some top tips on how to keep yourself fighting fit during the cold season.

Stay Hydrated

This is important all year round, you should be keeping hydrated all day, every day. But it’s especially important if you want to keep sickness at bay. Fluids can keep your throat moist and prevent it from drying out due to cold weather. Drinking extra fluids if you do come down with an illness is even more important, as it helps fight dehydration related to fever.

Wash Your Hands Frequently

We’re all used to washing our hands regularly at the moment, so make sure to keep this habit up. It’s important to stop germs running rampant and getting you sick. It’s equally as important in protecting other people from contracting any germs that you might be carrying.

Eat A Healthy Diet Rich In Zinc, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E

Everyone has heard how important Vitamin C supposedly is for fighting off colds. There might be a whole lot of debate as to how successful upping your dosage of Vitamin C actually is in preventing illness, but one thing’s for certain, eating a healthy diet rich in vitamins is critical for overall health. 

Foods that contain Vitamins C and E, in particular, are thought to help support the immune system. Foods rich in Vitamin E include nuts, sunflower oil, and corn oils. Foods rich in Vitamin C include oranges and other citrus fruits, broccoli, and green peppers. 

Zinc is also known to support a healthy immune system, fight infection, and decrease the duration of a common cold. Foods high in Zinc include shellfish, hemp seeds, firm tofu, lentils, and oatmeal. It’s also important to avoid consuming too much sugar, as excess sugar can impair your body’s immune responses. 

Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise is critical in keeping your body fit, healthy, and ready to fight disease or illness. Exercise lowers stress levels, and high-stress levels are a killer for your immune system. Upping your heart rate and getting sweaty regularly can also promote healthy sleep, which is essential in fighting off sickness. Furthermore, regularly increasing your breathing rate through exercise is thought to have benefits in keeping your lungs healthy and preventing the contraction of pneumonia. 

Get Good Sleep

Your body needs to recover from the hectic stresses of life, and sleeping well is the optimal way to allow yourself some recovery time. Getting sufficient, high-quality sleep is key in stopping yourself from contracting illnesses. Being tired leads to a suppressed immune system response, and lack of sleep can also increase the amount of time that it takes you to recover after a sickness. 

Avoid Things That Stress You Out

This might be easier said than done, but as much as possible, avoid anything that causes you undue stress. High levels of stress are one of the leading causes of contracting the common cold, as your immune system just isn’t able to keep sickness at bay when it’s suppressed from stress. Try to practice that all-important mind-body connection to keep yourself as calm as possible. Or hit the gym and get a workout in, since exercise is one of the best ways to reduce stress levels.

Even with the cold weather coming, it’s still possible to keep yourself fit and healthy, even if all you want to do is cuddle up on the sofa and eat Halloween candy. Maintaining healthy habits such as a good exercise routine, staying hydrated, and eating a healthy diet rich in vitamins and minerals are all fantastic ways to make sure you don’t come down with a pesky cold.

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