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Demco Fitness is located in the heart of Belltown.  At Demco Fitness you are surrounded by a team of passionate and knowledgeable coaches and athletes who are dedicated to helping you become a better version of yourself. The Demco Fitness gym and community will motivate, inspire, encourage and push you to reach and exceed your goals. We help you perform better, look good and feel amazing. 


We focus on movement, mobility, agility and strength training in the most efficient, safe and fun way possible.  For us, it is not just a workout, it is you changing your lifestyle, enjoying movement and getting stronger and healthier. 


The Demco Fitness team works with you and creates a customized workout plan that fits your body and your needs, tracking and saving every workout. We are dedicated to continuously helping you create and achieve news goals utilizing daily check ins, weekly texts and/or meeting outside of the gym to discuss goal setting, nutrition habits and your overall well-being. We believe your health is much more than your workout; it is how you fuel your body, manage your stress and create daily routines.


Demco Fitness is an environment that is filled with laughter, love, strength and fun. It is important to have a space and community that embodies dedication, hard work and support and Demco Fitness is just that. Our community is what makes the gym so special. You won’t find another place where you develop strength, maintain and gain health, but also have a community of individuals that truly become your friends.

​Whether you want to run a marathon, run your first 5k, improve your endurance for sports, set new personal records, learn how to meal prep, or learn movement with proper form, this gym has you covered.

Schedule your free introductory class today and come check what we are all about!

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