Sonja is the owner of Demco Fitness.  She works with a wide range of clients. From young athletes, to general population, to yogis, to cyclists, to athletes with sport specific goals, to her mother. Sonja helps members meet their goals, along with teaching them the tools to live a healthy and happy lifestyle.  

Every single person is different. From different goals, to different bodies, to different abilities. Training programs are catered to individual needs for each member. No matter who you are, what injuries you may have, or the goals you want to reach, Sonja has the knowledge, expertise and principles to apply to you.



Selina grew up enjoying the outdoors and activity. Whether playing on the beach, running through the woods or enjoying dance, soccer or volleyball, she found tranquility in activity and a sense of purpose in staying fit.  But it wasn’t until she found herself without a gym and introduced to jujitsu in Panama that she began to take her fitness to another level, realizing how essential it was to her well-being.


She is a [NASM] certified personal trainer who delights in helping others realize their potential and learn to enjoy both the process and state of being fit.  She continues to be inspired by her colleagues and her clients each day.  She cannot be happier to have found a supportive environment to be a trainer and for the chance to be part of a community of like-minded individuals, where excellence and fun go hand in hand.



Conor is originally from Ireland where there is an emphasis on physical sports.  He grew up playing sports like rugby, soccer, tennis and gaelic football (think of a mixture of soccer, basketball and American football all in one. YouTube or Google it, you will not be disappointed!).  Playing these sports meant he was introduced to the gym as a teenager.  He used it as a way to promote longevity and to compete throughout high school and college at the highest levels.


Even though later on in life he agonizingly realized he was not going to be a professional soccer/rugby player and/or insta-famous the gym remained a large part of his life.  While at law school Conor quickly found that the gym was not only a good way of keeping fit but was also a great de-stressor.  He quickly found a link between eating well and staying fit with his performance in class.  He is passionate and serious about helping clients reach their goals but also wants you to have fun while doing it.  Expect friendly and encouraging one-on-one training and to get your butt kicked in conditioning classes!



Growing up in Southwest Washington Zach loves anything outdoors! Through mountain biking, snowboarding, running, and hiking, he’s realized strength training ultimately leads to feeling stronger, and better in the outdoorsy stuff he really enjoys! Zach truly enjoys establishing relationships and helping people move better and stronger to get them closer to achieving their goals.

After graduating from Western Washington University with a degree in Kinesiology, Zach received his CSCS and has applied his knowledge to sports rehab, and now personal training. His love for people, functional exercise and injury prevention is amplified even greater. Zach aims to help the community live both full, and energetic lives, as well as have a positive relationship with health and movement.