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Sonja is the owner of Demco Fitness.  She works with a wide range of clients. From young athletes, to general population, to yogis, to cyclists, to athletes with sport specific goals, to her mother. Sonja helps members meet their goals, along with teaching them the tools to live a healthy and happy lifestyle.  

Every single person is different. From different goals, to different bodies, to different abilities. Training programs are catered to individual needs for each member. No matter who you are, what injuries you may have, or the goals you want to reach, Sonja has the knowledge, expertise and principles to apply to you.




Brendan grew up in Texas playing every sport his school offered. He chose to pursue hockey and played in high school and college. He still enjoys playing hockey, soccer, and softball, and thinks playing in the Seattle mist is way better than the Texas heat.  He's always looking for more opportunities for a good pick up game. While in law school, Brendan was the president of the Health and Wellness Association, which promoted healthy mental and physical fitness on campus. 


Brendan has a passion for encouraging people to set motivating goals, helping them reach those goals, and working to improve their overall health as a part of the process. He loves assisting people as they prove to themselves all they are capable of achieving. Brendan is excited to be a part of this team as it works together with support and encouragement to help everyone meet their goals. 



Roland knows first hand about the benefits of receiving great training.  Roland trained for numerous marathons as an athlete setting personal bests while improving his mobility, flexibility, strength & endurance.  It was his success that drove him to pursue coaching to help others achieve what he had experienced.  Roland truly is a "people-person" and that, along with his desire to help others succeed has been the perfect fit.


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