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Growing up in a family that was active helped build a foundation for movement in Sonja’s life. Skiing in the winter every weekend, running with her father (at first biking next to him until she could keep up) and playing basketball were just a few of the ways she was inspired by play. She was happiest when playing sports and being physical. She was in middle school when she got her first personal trainer, a family friend who saw the power house she was and knew that she just needed a bit of guidance.


While she studied pre-law in college she began training her friends. She was consistent in her practice of movement and those around her were inspired by her hard work and dedication. After college, while working for law firms, she began to intern with trainers she admired. She knew that, even though she believed she would follow in her father’s footsteps and become a lawyer, destiny had other plans. Fitness was what she looked forward to everyday. Fitness was what she enjoyed most of all and, as the shine of the legal field faded, she knew that she was meant to do something else.


In February 2015 she opened up Demco Fitness and a community was born. As a trainer Sonja pulls, not only from her previous experience interning, but also from her years of being an athlete. She is innovative and dedicated. She challenges her clients to get outside of their comfort zone and she gets results. She has, over the last 3 years, grown her business and has begun to build her training team. She never stops setting goals for herself or her business and never stops reaching them.


Favorite Food – chips and guacamole 

Favorite Music – a good beat and possibly before her time

Favorite Color – Purple or black or gray, sometimes green

Favorite Vacation Spot – Mexico or Italy


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Charlie is a NASM certified Personal Trainer and Barre Instructor. Originally from Duvall, WA he grew up in a family of athletes and go-getters. With Mom running 100 milers and Dad weightlifting (eventually becoming a crossfitter with his sister) athleticism runs in his blood. His journey began in gymnastics as a youngster eventually shifting into weightlifting in his teenage years. He graduated from Seattle University when he was 19 with a B.A. in Gender Studies and is pursuing a career in acting and performance. His fitness passions include (but are not limited to): calisthenics, yoga, barre, and dance (jazz, tap, and ballet). His ultimate passion though is working with people and helping them reach their goals and aspirations. As a trainer, he promises to meet you where you are at but always push you to your highest potential. Expect a supportive atmosphere and kickass workout.


Favorite Food - Donuts own my soul

Favorite Vacation Spot  - Whistler, BC

Favorite TV Show - Friends

Favorite Actor - Jim Carrey