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7 Wellness Tips for Vacation

Unless you’re like me and take vacation to find new workouts to obsess over… make sure you know what kind of workouts you can fit into your schedule before you take off – and schedule them into your vacation plans. You may have to wake up a little earlier than the rest of your crew to get a jog in, but it’ll be worth it in the long run. The link below will take you to my favorite vacation workout that you can try on the beach or in your hotel room to ensure you get your sweat in.

If you’re not into planning your workout, try to organize a few group activities – volleyball or even just going for a walk or a jog. You may be surprised at who in your group of friends and family may be willing to join your sweat session. Turning your workout into a bonding activity can ensure that you sweat and that you create memories in the process as well.

Head to a grocery store to pick up snacks for your trip (or pack them with you) so that you can avoid eating out for every meal and snack. The majority of your empty calories on vacation come from two things: drinking and the mindless snacking. Avoid the latter completely by bringing snacks with you or shopping for what you know is good for you rather than just eating whatever is at the bar.

Moderation, moderation, moderation. Have the martini – but don’t drink like you’re in college again. Eat dessert, but don’t take your plate to the all-you-can-eat buffet table. Have your chips and guac, but don’t walk around with a bag of chips under your arm all weekend (I’m guilty of this, I’ll admit…) You guys get the point – indulge, but don’t destroy your last few months of work in just a weekend.

Resting up during your vacation is something that many people can forget to actually do when they become over-excited about all of the activities that can be done or sights that can be seen. To fully hit the refresh button during your vacation, be sure to leave time in your schedule for naps and for hanging out without any pressure to meet appointments or dinner times.

If you’re trying to hit the refresh button – leave as much of your work at home as you can and try to leave your phone on do not disturb so that you can disconnect and enjoy your surroundings. If it is not absolutely essential that you get something done while you’re gone, leave it for when you get home. Your vacation should be as stress-free as possible and you can’t fully refresh from work if you take it on the road with you – so try to leave as much of it behind as possible (or plan ahead and get as much done before your vacation as possible.)

Finally, remember to actually enjoy your vacation. Don’t drive yourself crazy by counting all of the calories at dinner – just skip the extra side of fries and choose the plant-based meals over the ones dripping in turkey gravy. The most important part of vacation is releasing your stress, so prioritize that – just be mindful of your choices.

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