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Heathy Grab-and-go Snacks

1) Blended! Smoothie packages Keeping pre-made smoothie packs in your fridge, or freezer, are the perfect solution for grabbing a quick snack that can double as a meal if you add protein powder and a few more filling ingredients (avocados, etc). I would recommend keeping a water bottle around specifically for smoothies (and washing it carefully after using it). Hydro flasks are great for keeping things cold – so they are perfect for your smoothies when you need to grab a smoothie and go.

2) Boiled! Eggs Keeping a carton of boiled eggs around is great for a non-vegan snack. They are high in protein and almost nonexistent in carbs. You can even mix the yolk with guacamole, mustard and spices to put a twist on deviled eggs (although they may not be as easy to grab-and-go as boiled eggs are).

3) Roasted! Chickpeas, kale, etc Roasting chickpeas and kale in the oven with just a tiny bit of olive oil and spice is a great way to keep a savory snack around for when the craving hits. Chickpeas are one of my personal favorites because of how flavor they absorb when you roll them in spices before baking.

4) Nuts! Almonds, Pistachios, etc The key with nuts is to snack on them – but to snack proportionally. Remember that nuts have high calorie counts so while they are incredibly nutritious, going overboard could make them less of a snack and more of a full meal.

5) Fresh! Watermelon, oranges, etc Cutting up fresh fruit and keeping containers in your fridge – or keeping fruits you can grab and eat whole around the house – are perfect for when you are looking for something a little more sweet than savory. Summer days are long, but made even better when you have watermelon waiting to be snacked on…

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