January 27, 2020

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Processed Foods: What are they doing to your health?

February 18, 2020

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Let's talk about herbs

January 13, 2018

With the Spring Challenge (click here to find out more information) coming up, I wanted to take a moment to talk about herbs and how you can use them to immediately add flavor and spice to any dish that may otherwise be a little bland. The thing is, eating clean doesn’t have to mean eating food without flavor. In fact, if you play around with herbs it is quite the opposite andyou get a few extra health benefits from a lot of different herbs.


USE WITH: bell peppers, eggplants, tomatoes, chicken, fish, tofu
USE IN: tomato sauces, soups, curries
GOOD FOR: clean skin, protecting organs

USE WITH: potatoes, asparagus, onions, leeks, chicken, fish, eggs
USE IN:  garnishes, dips, soups, sauces, scrambles
GOOD FOR: alleviating cold systems, digestion

USE WITH: avocado, tomatoes, bell peppers, chicken, fish, tofu
USE IN: salsas, guacamole, soups, curries, salads
GOOD FOR: detoxing

USE WITH: cabbage, potatoes, cucumbers, fish, shellfish
USE IN: omelets, sauces, seasoning for fish/shellfish
GOOD FOR: regulating blood pressure, digestion

USE WITH: carrots, eggplant, watermelon, mushrooms, beans
USE IN: fruit salads, curries, soups, marinades
GOOD FOR: digestion, anti-inflammatory

USE WITH: artichokes, eggplant, tomatoes, potatoes, chicken, fish
USE IN: sauces, dressings
GOOD FOR: supporting your immune system, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, menstrual cramps

USE WITH: mushrooms, peas, tomatoes, cucumbers, chicken, fish, tofu, beef
USE IN: sauces, salads
GOOD FOR: reducing bloating

USE WITH: mushrooms, peas, tomatoes, potatoes, chicken, fish
USE IN: breads, sauces, pizzas, soups, roasted vegetables
GOOD FOR: anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant

USE WITH: carrots, peas, potatoes, squash, chicken, fish
USE IN: rice, dips, soups, sauces
GOOD FOR: alleviating upset stomaches and coughs

USE WITH: beef, chicken, all types of veggies
USE IN: sauces, smoothies, with vegetables
GOOD FOR: reducing inflammation, helping your brain and lowering your risk of heart disease

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