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Strength Training or cardio

The world of fitness is constantly arguing about whether cardio is better than weight training. Here’s the thing; cardio is great for a lot of things, and don’t get me wrong – it does help you lose weight, it just isn’t the most efficient way to do so. Weight training trumps cardio any day of the week when it comes to slimming down – and I’ve broken down the logic behind this below:

  • Combining metabolic and high intensity workouts with endurance cardio is the ideal workout – but most people don’t have the time. Prioritizing strength training is more efficient because of the muscle-metabolism connection.

  • The muscle-metabolism connection is when your metabolism kicks in to repair the mini-micro tears that occur when you are lifting weights.

  • Your muscle-to-fat radio is balanced better through strength training when compared to cardio because your body is not just burning through muscle – it is creating little mini-micro tears.

  • Strength training improves your resting metabolic rate, meaning you keep burning calories even when you stop working out, because of your muscle-metabolism connection.

  • Your body will adapt to the same cardio workout if you repeat it daily – meaning it becomes difficult to spike your heart rate and burn fat.

  • Strength training provides variety, meaning your body gets stronger but doesn’t adapt to the workout.

  • Strength training also helps to counteract muscle loss associated with aging, meaning you will have a stronger body in the long-run if you prioritize strength training over cardio.

  • Bonus: consuming protein helps to speed the repair process that occurs through the muscle-metabolism connection.

  • Reminder: there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution to fitness and weight loss – which is why it is so important to learn how to love the process you take to maintain your wellness.​

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